COVERS BY CARRIE - Designer Slipcovers and more

  FABRIC: How to choose the proper fabric for your slipcover project. There is so much to know about this subject, it can't be discussed in a couple of paragraphs, so this page will be done in stages. I will start by explaining what characteristics different fabrics have and what type of furniture will work the best with it.
 Canvas is a wonderful fabric. In this group you could also include duck and denim. Some will come pre-washed. If it isn't pre-washed, it will shrink, so if you want to wash your slipcover in the future, be sure to prewash the fabric before you pattern it. You will have to add about 1 extra yard for every 5 yards of fabric you will need. Canvas has a nice hand and will shape smoothly around a curved arm or inside back of a sofa. Depending on how much give the fabric has will determine how tightly the seamstress will make the slipcover. Often a slipcover made with canvas will need an extra fitting because of this ability to stretch. This is a medium to heavyweight  fabric, very durable and  reasonably priced. It will work well on almost any piece of furniture.I do a large volume of slipcovers using denim or canvas. As a word of caution, if you're not sure how it will come out of the dryer, I advise you to buy only one yard of the fabric, wash and dry it, now you will know if it will be full of wrinkles or will it look beautiful.

Tapestry is another incredible fabric for slipcovers. If you have a chair that has curves, like a wingback, this fabric will follow the curves of the chair like it was upholstered. It can be designed to look like it was upholstered or a very relaxed fit, to give it that old world comfort look. "It will make you want to grab a good book and snuggle down in it". I have washed tapestry with good results but you might prefer dry cleaning it.